Why should I bring my vehicle to you and not the dealer?

At Custom Transmission and Automotive we are able to get more personal. We update all our equipment for the best possible repair. Our facility is very modern and clean. We install the best parts available with most being better than original. The dealer can only repair and bring to original condition, at Custom Transmission and Automotive we find the weak area and make it better so you can feel safe that your vehicle will perform the way that you need it to.

How much is it going to cost to fix my car?

Well, that is impossible to say without at least looking at it. It takes just a few minutes of your time for us to visit with you and go for a test drive. After that, we can get an idea of what might be the problem and estimate the cost of the repair. We don't even attempt to price anything on the phone, so it doesn't do any good to ask. If you think about it, anyone who would give you a price over the phone without seeing the car would need ESP or X-ray vision! Know any mechanics that have either? I don't! There are too many pieces inside a transmission that could be bad Click here to see why.

Can you just "ballpark" the price?

Not with out looking at it. A ballpark is no more than a guess. You didn't call a professional transmission shop for a guess did you? Of course not. You could have had your neighbor guess for you. And what good would that do? Our feeling here at Custom Transmission is if you take the time to bring the car down here, we will be happy to evaluate the problem and estimate the cost. Remember- a lot of vehicles don't need major repair. But their owners think they do! And if we don't look at it, we have no way of catching a small problem and saving you money! Besides, what have you got to lose? We don't charge anything unless we have to connect any equipment and in many cases that's not even necessary.

My transmission is giving me problems. Does that mean I need a new one?

No, many problems can be as simple as a sensor that has gone bad. If you should need a complete transmission, we at Custom Transmission will gladly overhaul your transmission, paying close attention to the newest updates available.

Do you accept extended warranties?

We honor many extended warranties. Please call our advisors to check about your individual policy. 509-924-3159

I have a "CHECK ENGINE" light on. Could this indicate a transmission problem?

Yes it could. Bring the vehicle down to Custom Transmission and we can access the onboard transmission control computer to see if any codes have been stored in memory that indicates a possible problem with your transmission. If the problem is somewhere else we will do what we can to find the problem.

What other type of repairs does Custom Transmission offer?

We perform a variety of repairs including: maintenance, tuneups, brakes, transfer-cases, and clutches. If you have a doubt about what repairs we do, call us at 509-924-3159

What is your warranty?

Our standard warranty for most non-commercial vehicles is 12 months or 12,000 miles- which ever comes first. Having us do a first-class repair on your car is an excellent investment if you plan to keep the vehicle for another 5 years. In some cases, such as, racing applications , high performance vehicles such as hot rods, and mud trucks we have special warranty conditions. Our warranty covers parts and labor.

I've heard so many horror stories about transmission shops. How can I pick a reputable shop in my area?

Should I be concerned about after-market parts, or do you use dealer parts?

There are good quality parts available through both channels. Custom Transmission only uses parts that meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications.

I had my car serviced at another shop and it's not right. Can you do it for free?

We're sorry, but your warranty is only good at the original shop; however, if you are out of their area and the vehicle is not able to be driven, we may be able to help.

You rebuilt my transmission and I don't like how it shifts! What can you do?

We will be happy to re-check our work, as it is possible for something to have gone wrong, and if it has, we will repair it as quickly as possible.

I have a fleet of vehicles. Can you service them?

Fleet and Corporate accounts are always welcome at Custom Transmission & Automotive. Please call us at. 509-924-3159

I need transmission work, but am short on cash. Do you have house accounts?

We're sorry, but we do not offer personal house accounts. However we honor most major credit cards.